Redefining Love

Love used to be all consuming.

Chaotic and unpredictable. Pain was inevitable. Heartbreak was common. Love was dependent on the other to return that love. Being in love meant being lost, having fallen so far from myself. Being in love meant losing touch with my wholeness and becoming one with another. Being in love meant being the same. Being in love meant compromise, sacrifice, & altruism. Being in love meant suffering for the greater good. Love used to be enabling. Love used to be a crutch for fears; it became an excuse not to grow. Love was something that held me back. Love became a suffocating blanket. Love was isolated and barren. Love was never enough. Love was a punishment.

Moving away from that idea of love and consciously choosing to redefine it, now I see…

cosmic love

Love is infinite.

Love is expansive.

Love is independent.

Love in unconditional.

Love is not being lost.

Love is grounding.

Love is blissful.

Love is abundant.

Love is in the moment.

Love is presence.

Love is intentional.

Love is physical.

Love is emotional.

Love is mental.

Love is spiritual.

Love is soulful.

Love is deep.

Love is trusting.

Love is authentic.

Love is fearless.

Love is asking for help.

Love is crying together.

Love is laughter.

Love is friendship.

Love is empowering.

Love is timeless.

Love is limitless.

Love is cosmic.

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