Just Be

To be is to exist. To be anything else is a lie.

In this more than human world, I am expressing as a human form and I see this as an opportunity to live in opportunity and joy. Being more than I am is a mask upon my brilliance. To be more is to create a facade that complicates and frustrates the world around me. The true essence of others recognizes the pure essence within myself. We all strive to see the truth within ourselves. This process of creating massive layers throughout life and then one day, choosing to begin the removal process so that we may remember who we were in the beginning is the process of awakening. Reawakening. It’s a choice. It’s an empowered choice. I want to empower people to chose to wake up to their higher selves. Wake up to the people they were before the conditioning. Wake up to the people they were when they entered into this human body form.

To navigate toward this state of being  and to simply exist and allow life to happen, while still participating joyfully in life, there are infinite choices to take. The one choice that matters is the one that is made of love for the self. When you decide to love yourself enough to put an end to your suffering from the comfort of living the same lessons over and over, then you will be freed.

The choice to love yourself is one that will result in your liberation.

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