Romantic Love Partnership

I’m asking myself some questions, some I have answers to and some I do not:

What does a romantic love partnership mean to me?

Intimate, sexual, supportive, safe, loving, and joyful experiences.

Can I have multiple romantic partners? 

I know the answer to this one is YES. Navigating it is another question. I feel like having a variety of partners can support me in multiple ways. Diversity is the key to creation.

How do I imagine being with another in this romantic way?

What is it that I dream of when I picture myself coupling with someone else on this earth? 

I dream of someone to be comfortable and safe with, while maintaining the willingness to travel into the unknown where growing takes place. I see passion, compassion, love, comfort, safety, freedom, expression, deep listening, touch, support, and growth.

Can I have sex without the romantic partnership?

Can I remove conditioning that says I need to be in exclusive partnership with someone if we have sex? Can I have  healthy sex with friends? Is that something that I want? Can I have sex to grow? I want healthy happy relationships. I’m not looking for sex that does not involve communicating wants, desires, hopes, dreams and visions for the health of ourselves, others, and the earth.

What’s your ideal sexual relationship?

Non-limiting, non-shaming, explorative, adventurous, compassionate, connected, energetic, cosmic,

What is it that you feel like you are missing right now in your relationships?

What do you feel like you need more of from your partner(s)?

What can you give to yourself to aid in your discomfort?

Self love: Gratitude and compassion.

Can you speak any words to relieve your discomfort?

How are your current relationships reflecting to you about yourself and where you want to grow?

Release victimhood of shame. Convergence of two worlds/identities.

How are your current relationships reflecting to you things about yourself that you’re resistant to?

Are you showing up hesitant, and in return do you think its being reflected back?

Do you feel like your energy is being met?

Do you feel loved and safe?

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