Trust in the flow.

Change is upon me. People have been challenging me in ways that are bringing about growth.

Although the last time, I was pushed and I allowed it to push me into a state of anxiety.

A state of urgency. A state of unrest and discomfort.

I recognize what happened and now I surrender.

I trust in my process of traveling into the unknown. I trust in the Universe. I trust that my open heart will guide people into my life to support me on my journey. I trust that I can have this life and live it with integrity. I trust that I will create what my heart longs for. I trust my body and I trust my intuition to guide me down my path.

I have patience and I have love. I will love these people more for wanting more for me. For caring for me and showing me in the ways they know how. I will love them more deeply for being a part of my journey.

Thank you Universe for challenging me. I trust you.

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