Empowered Choice

I choose to live my deepest desires to give love expansively, while surrendering to receive love and releasing the fear of being hurt or hurting another in favor of living in my fullest brilliance. I choose to live my life passionately with purpose to share my gifts with the world; to live in abundance and unity with the earth and all it’s beings.

I inhale and exhale in unison with you, all the creatures, all the trees, plants, and all the waters of this planet. We are one; beings of love and light. I release and surrender to the magnificence that we all embody.

I commit to being open and shedding the protective layers that I have built up around me in moments of pain and fear. I commit to my growth, my spirit’s ascension, my soul’s descension and my absolute being of presence and alignment to my highest good that radiates clarity and focus throughout my existence.


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