Reclaiming Sexual Power


Power Leak

A power leak is when there is no focus in the action, thoughts and behaviors. When the cycle of energetic exchange is blocked and nothing beneficial is received in return for the giving of energy. It is a drain on the resource and as humans, we literally have to continue replenishing it to maintain progress and growth. Can you recognize relationships that stimulate and even encourage you to give all that you’ve got? Can we begin to cultivate relationships that support this symbiotic exchange and flow of energy that supports our growth and development into the most powerful humans that can save the world?


Reclaiming Your Power

Giving away and reclaiming your power is a constant journey. First, you have to become aware of the power leaks and then consciously decide that it doesn’t make you feel good. You need to identify the feelings with words to pull it into this reality so you can command change, which isn’t always easy because our bodies are hardwired to avoid pain, and change hurts. The coping mechanisms we create to survive pain ultimately can lead to more suffering than if we just tackled the problem in the first place. Although, it isn’t always possible to address these issues early on, because a lot of the times they were created when we were children. So now as a mature adult, it’s the perfect time to address old habits and begin questioning their presence and benefits in your life.

Established people in your life may not be too keen on you reclaiming your power, because of past agreements. It’s important to maintain deep conversation with the people in your life if you desire to continue nourishing those relationships and to stand tall in your knowing to alleviate their confusion and suffering that might be present in response to the changes in boundaries that you’re making.

Sexual Power 

As I’m stepping into this new position of freedom in my life, creating authentic relationships, I’m recognizing places of where my sexual power leaks. Where it is unfocused, scattered and I’m not using it to it’s highest potential. My last post I wrote about my sexual repression driving my actions to be with others. Now I recognize how much I’ve displaced my power in the hands of the masculine and I’m choosing to reclaim it now. My feminine sexuality is no longer a victim.

I no longer will give others credit for my ability to become aroused and to feel pleasure. I own that. It’s mine and mine alone.

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤ Give yourself the gift of Love. Romance yourself. Feel the power of sensuality and sexuality flow through you, by the power in you. You are making this happen. You are creating this energy. It’s you. All you. Love that. Love yourself.


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