On the Job Training: Transferrable Skills

Being a stripper in the clubs, I’ve been gifted the opportunity to hold space for strangers as they process emotions that include pain, grief, sorrow, despair, guilt, shame, sadness that expresses in a variety of ways. The most important thing is that I listen. I listen with compassion and without the intent to resolve their feelings. I hold them tenderly in this loving space and honor what is alive in them. I stay true to myself and grounded so I may continue my mission of spreading light and love.

I’m beginning to recognize that I don’t always have the strength to do this outside of the club. I’m still a fixer. A problem solver. I’m ready to let this go and be a space holder for more people outside of the club. I find myself going in waves of being in this way, and when I fall out of alignment, when I slip into old patterns, it bothers me. It nags at me. My body and mind tell me “No! Stop!”. So I’m here to declare that I will listen to myself this time. I’m going to commit to listening more. My experience prefaces how I will show up in this world now. It does not mean I need to share that past experience every time. Show up. Be the change.

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