Life is a Dance

Every movement, every action, every pause, is a segment of the whole piece. The choreography is seamlessly woven together, purposefully, whether it is perceived as fluid or disconnected. It is done with passion. Intention. Connecting with my breath as I take each new step. Allowing my eyes to gaze upon another as they participate in their own dance. Maybe our eyes meet and for a glimpse of a moment, we are dancing together in this space of creativity. The flow keeps me moving as I experience a burst of bliss and joy from the freedom of the dance. It is not predetermined and I am not obligated to stay with a partner if it doesn’t feel right. I have the choice to move on. They have the choice to depart. I listen to my body, allowing my feet to show me the way. They are in contact with the ground, pulling the energy up through the center of the earth, binding us as one, breathing together. The Mother and I flow in unison as we follow our connected heart’s intuition.pexels-photo-296879

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