Passivity to Passionate

passive.jpegWhat does it mean to be feminine?

Creating the socially acceptable and desired image of a woman within myself, I became a passive human, willing to endure some traumatic experiences that life has to offer. Willing to accept these as harsh realities, I dampened their value and effect they’ve had on my expression throughout this existence. I step into a place where I am able to recognize the pain and suffering I truly felt as I reopen those wounds in a place of love and compassion for myself and with the dedication to grow and become more whole as each day goes by.

I wonder how many other women out there live in this passive world of reoccurring pain and suffering without a voice to be heard; without someone to give them space to heal.

Gathering in community, hearing others stories of overcoming the horrible truths of violence, inspired me to come back home to myself; enter fully into my body once more and nurture those wounds with gentle grace and tender love. I feel so connected to those who have suffered the pain of being a woman and those who continue to suffer.

You are not alone. 

I welcome those who have experienced undesired glances, touches, and words to allow yourself to be heard. Find someone to listen to your pain, even if it only expresses as tears. Even if it only expresses as a simple eye gaze. Let yourself be heard. Give yourself room to feel. As slowly and as gently as you need. Listen to your body as you move and let your suffering seep out of the depths of your soul where it’s been hidden in the shadows. Allow the universe to cleanse your aching heart with its pure love for you. I love you. 

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