10 Important Inclinations

Going into dancing, I didn’t know who I was. I thought I knew, but really, I didn’t.

I let outside events frustrate me, hurt me, and ultimately change me.

Now, every day I focus on being me. The me that I know to be true. 

1. Loving and supportive

2. Sensitive/empathetic towards others

3. Compassionate

4. Appreciative/grateful/express gratitude

5. Reflective/contemplative

6. Patient and I listen with intent to understand

7. A witness to others. I honor our differences and do not offer advice unless asked

8. An emotional being who embraces heavy feelings, but doesn’t let them take over my life

9. Conscious that everyone has their own experiences and they are simply speaking from their perspective. It has nothing to do with me, so I don’t take it personally

10. Dedicated to my radical self care- Including rituals, boundaries, healthy food, water, meditation, mindfulness, breath work, exercise/movement/dance, & art/expression

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