Boundaries Made With Love

I began a practice of my sexual evolution that involves touch without sexual intent with the intention of balancing out the mental and physiological urges I feel. I’ve been inundated with sexual touch, I’m ready to explore more. 

Touch is healthy.

Touch is good.

This is my practice of boundaries that will allow me to experiment with as I move into this new era of being single. 

I’m owning my body.

Owning my mind.  

Owning my experience and all the feelings that come with it.

I consciously choose to give myself the power to say yes

and the power to say no in the name of Love for myself.

I’m practicing something I’m calling Radical Self Love.

I come first so I may continue to give.

So I may continue to thrive.

So I may continue to evolve.

So I may continue to Love.

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