Authentic Relating

Being in a state of authenticity in the club and being responsible for my feelings, and my feelings alone, has allowed me to remove the shackles of shame even further.

I’m sinking into a place where pleasure is allowed to exist without guilt and worry that someone else will disapprove. Witnessing myself play and be playful, while being open to connecting deeply with humans without a hidden shadow lurking nearby. The fear is gone. I’m free to do what serves my highest self and what brings me joy. Before, I was suffering a slow and tortuous death, suffocating myself as I put someone else’s wisdom before my own. I was outside of my inner knowing because I didn’t trust my body or my mind.

Tapping into my body and mind on a daily basis has strengthened my ability to be true to myself, trust my feelings, and connect more deeply and honestly with others.

I welcome meeting people with purpose, passion, love, and inspiration.

I’m sitting here in awe of the people I’ve met over the course of a week. Thinking and acting from this heart space, releasing anxiety: thoughts of the future, thoughts of failure, thoughts of confusion, has brought the most loving and kind people into my path.

There is a convergence happening right in front of my eyes.

I’m filled with amazement and excitement to see what happens next.

So I move forward each moment, trusting in my process. Trusting in my meditation, my visualization, my intuition, my body, and my heart.

I commit to being true to myself and others. 

I commit to turning inward to find my wisdom to guide me as I move through this life with purpose. 


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