It’s so wild going back and reading my old blogs and seeing how much I’ve changed. Knowing where I was mentally in that moment writing those words; living in a wavering place of comparison, fear, and confusion. I’m so grateful for the process I’ve gone through to bring me to this very moment of clarity and love. It’s been such a wonderful journey of discovery getting to know myself as I played it out in the outer world.

I see myself now like never before. Sitting in a place of grounded nourishment, I vow to continue supporting myself in this way throughout 2017; ceremony, ritual, meditation, breath, movement, play, love, dance, food, water, music, singing, art, writing, digging in the dirt, solo hikes, talking to animals and nature, camping, traveling, guiding, leading, sharing…

It boils down to really committing to self care and self love so much that I’m able to freely expand outward into the world.

This year is the year of intentional soul exploration.

The year of true freedom.



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