The Man I Seek Is Within

I’ve been in unfaithful monogamous relationships for all but a few months out of the 10 years I’ve danced. It’s been a time warp of standing still in some areas in life, while growing in others.

The same story has been playing over in the club and with boyfriends. My desires are outside of what they are willing to handle. All the while my desires were nurtured in the club with my curiosities built and supported. I’ve held myself back for years; blaming, and not owning up to my choices and my own wants and needs.

So what does it mean to be a stripper and be single? For me, it is a release of guilt and shame. I have had power to choose my life and my decisions this entire time, yet I gave my power away continually to my boyfriends. This is never okay. Not for anyone, whether they are a stripper or not. I am a grown woman who makes my choices for myself. If you don’t like my choices and I’m doing them in good conscious of my highest good, yet you don’t agree because you are scared, jealous or afraid I might leave, I’m not the woman for you.

I want a man who is secure in himself. Who lifts me up to the best possible woman I can be.

A man who makes decisions from their heart; a place of love.

I want a man who has touched their soul as deeply as I have touched mine.

I want a man who is dedicated to their growth and development into the most loving person they can be, putting their own self care, first.

I want a man who wants to impact the world.

Someone who has dreams.

Someone who has the passion to pursue their dreams.

Someone to inspire me because of their dedication to it all.

Someone with boundless energy to give and receive.

I want a man who can make me feel like a goddess and still pleasure me the way I want.

I want a man who is curious and filled with wonder.

I want a man who will play fearlessly with me in every realm of life.

I want a man to challenge me in a supportive, loving way.

I want a man who encourages me to do the things I’m afraid of.

I want a man who loves fiercely without fear.

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