Rituals For Resistance

During all these shifts of awareness that I’ve been experiencing lately, I sometimes find myself locked in space. A space where I hold on tight to something that doesn’t serve me.
I sit. I meddle. I ignore what the issue is. I know that I must look at it in order for it to go away, but sometimes I choose not to.

It’s resistance. 

I have been delving into rituals at home that address these behaviors. I’ve been consciously looking at the things that bring about frustration and confusion. Trying to better learn my emotions, identify them appropriately, and figure out what they mean and what the lesson is. I like calling the end result, the bounty because the work is worth it.

My self care involves my solo practices and community ritual practice. Since every life is truly connected, that’s what the community practice is about. I enter into a sacred space of communal support and love. I feel weirdness and tension when in groups, work it out and move forward with strength and power. That’s the bounty. Learning to cope, adjust and move forward with grace.

Opportunities to come together in community like this help move the energy I’m holding onto that doesn’t serve me. Sharing in a supportive environment, being held with respect and love; no judgement or advice, just compassionate understanding.

These rituals become the push that moves my stale energy through and allows my process to be complete. There is a merging of who I am in this moment and who I want to be in the next. This is how I’m able to express fully. I feel more connected to myself and others. I feel more creative, motivated, joyful, grateful, compassionate, focused, loving, and just me.

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